Just about everyone now owns a coffee maker of some sort…well, we are now the proud owners of the “Rolls Royce” of tea makers…a Breville Tea Maker!

BrevilleTea Maker

This is not your average kettle…this one does everything but serve and bring it to you!

After our Tea Class last week, the way we normally served our tea just wasn’t cutting it!

Tea that is brewed at the right temperature and infused for the correct amount of time tastes amazing…nothing like just throwing a tea bag in some boiling water!

When unboxed and all set up, the Tea Maker isn’t as big as I thought it would be. It does have a rather short power cord but that’s fine for our kitchen as it sits right in front of a power point!

In fact, it looks right at home!

I set it up and did the first cleaning as per instructions…basically boiling some water, and washing the tea basket and lid in soapy water. The jug is NOT to be submersed and washed!

Then it was time to try this baby out!

Decided to make a Sencha Vanilla Green Tea for my first go.

Put the water in, measure the amount of tea leaves, then select Green Tea and Mild…and the process begins…

Breville Tea MakerFirst the water boils….

Breville Tea Maker

Then the basket lowers at exactly the right time to start the infusion process…


Then after the set amount of time, the basket rises out of the water, and the machine beeps to say that the tea is ready!


And I can assure you that it tasted so much better then when I made it in a teapot!

You can then set it to keep the tea warm for up to an hour.

And one last trick…you can set it to start brewing tea at a set time….so perfectly made tea can be waiting for you when you get out of bed in the morning…how cool is that!

Mind you, I am a bit fascinated about watching it do its thing….


Non tea drinkers will laugh and say this is just an overpriced kettle…but if you are a true tea lover, and know what it is like to drink tea that has been made the way it should be, then you will understand this investment!

And all you coffee lovers….its no different to buying a fancy coffee machine!

Time will tell how important this new gadget will become for us, but at the moment, its the best thing!

We bought ours from Harvey Norman…don’t forget to ask for the best price..I got $60 off just by asking!

Now if you will excuse me, I have some tea to infuse…..