Tucked away in a nook on the second level of busy Melbourne Central is a small literary oasis…aptly called the Little Library!


It apparently was opened in early 2013, but I only noticed it recently when we were cutting through the shopping centre.

The concept is simple….the Little Library is a community book exchange!

A book can be borrowed with no forms to fill in or overdue fees…there are no staff in attendance!

The only requirement is to follow the honour system…. return the book you have borrowed for others to enjoy, or donate another book in its place…


The concept of a free lending library apparently originated in the US called the Little Free Library…neighbourhoods are encouraged to set up a box of books where anyone can come past and choose a book or two, and then bring back books to share….love it!

On the day we visited Melbourne Central’s library, the shelves consisted mainly of what you would find at a local op shop, but worth while reads can be found if you have a closer look….I spied a Ken Follett novel, and a Tom Clancy…


Sometimes there is plenty to choose from, sometimes the selection is a little sparse…the Little Library relies on the community to keep the bookcases full!


There isn’t a lot of room inside the library, but there are two chairs either end where you can take a moment to rest, and peruse a book or two.


The Little Library is a fabulous concept…it allows anyone to come and grab a book to enjoy…to learn….it encourages reading….it encourages community spirit….and I love it!

And congratulations to Melbourne Central for supporting it!

Unfortunately, I didn’t choose a book this time as I wasn’t able to carry it with me, but I am definately going to bring some books to donate next time we are in the city, and see what I can find to borrow!

Have you used the Little Library yet?

 The Little Library is located in The Corner – Level 2 Melbourne Central, Cnr LaTrobe and Swanston Street, Melbourne

All donations of books are gratefully accepted…they can be put straight on the shelves, or left at the Guest Services desk on Level 1.

Open daily!