Christmas is just not what it used to be!

I love Christmas time…it means holidays, hot days, time on the beach and decorating! It also means a rather strong Brandy sauce over a homemade pudding…that famous sauce could run a car!

But as each year goes past, the whole joy of Christmas seems to be fading for those around me.

We used to have large, fabulous family Christmas lunches…lots of food, singing, laughs and the annual game of cricket out the front. The day would be finished off with a long walk on the beach with the various family dogs!

Now my generation has grown up, and some are married and have kids of their own. We have lost the older generation, and others who have sadly passed on…the wider family now splits into their own groups for the day.

Food allergies and specific diets have changed the menu…no brandy sauce or pudding this year which is so sad….and its not because me and my lactose intolerance…the ingredients can be adjusted but it turns out its only me in my immediate family that still loves Nan’s pudding recipe….I am so going to miss it….


People have become too busy with so much to do, and the thought of Christmas seems to overwhelm them. Decorations appear in the shops earlier and earlier…..which I must admit even I hate.

There isn’t the anticipation of whats in the Christmas presents under the tree anymore…..

And now there is no tree…decorations only get put up at the last minute, or not at all.

I love decorating the table for the day, and used to have a different theme each year. Now its becoming just another meal…

We don’t have kids, and we are still getting our lives back to full pace after our various health issues etc, so we do have more time on our hands then others.

As you can see from my previous posts, I have decorated our house – I love doing that!

I have still tried to surprise with at least part of each gift to family and friends – I enjoy the challenge!

Christmas Presents

I refuse to send email Christmas greetings unless necessary – I write and post Christmas cards as I love going to the mail box and receiving “snail mail” that isn’t bills!

I am feeling much better these last few weeks, now my thyroid meds seem to be working properly,  and I want to enjoy this Christmas….every minute of it!

Am I wrong to try and hold on to the past traditions, or should I just let the future roll over me and see what it brings?

One thing though, I am sure as hell going to bring back the home made plum pudding and brandy sauce (all dairy free of course) next year, even if its only me eating it!