Welcome to my 50th post!

I started this blog at the end of October, and I have posted all but one day…and I have to admit I am enjoying it!

Celebrating 50 Posts

I don’t really know how many people are actually reading it, but those that are, I hope you are making sense of my ramblings, and maybe even looking forward to reading them….

Doing this blog has “opened” my eyes again……I am now on the look out for ideas to write about…in magazines, on the internet, books, TV and so on…

When I was struggling with my health….and I now know that it was a thyroid issue, I lost my thirst for knowledge. I have always loved learning and finding out about new things….but I was becoming more and more insular, barely making it through each day, and collapsing exhausted into bed at night. It was like my brain was in a total fog.

It is only been in the last month or so, that I have realised that my brain is back firing again…maybe not on all cylinders as I still have a memory of a goldfish…but the “want to learn” is coming back!

Hence the blog…it gives me a project…it give my brain something to work on…it gives me purpose…and it gives me a reason to go shopping…YAY!

Our lives for the last few years have been filled with ill health, hospital visits and surgery for the both of us…yes I know my scar isn’t as big as having a liver transplant…I get no sympathy in this house!

I will share some of our experiences on the blog as it may help others who are on a similar journey……but I will also continue to blog about the gadgets, books, topics etc that interest me!

There is a part of me that wants to see the number of “hits” on the blog rise, and for the blog to become popular…its always a bit disconcerting to log on and find there hasn’t been one view all day, and no more likes on Facebook

Anyone Out There?

But then I take a deep breath, and realise that I am doing this for me…it is part of my recovery….if it ends up that there is an audience out there for my writing, then that is a fabulous bonus, and I will cherish every single one of you…but if not, least I am not driving my husband made by talking all the time or moping round the house, wanting!

So if you have read down this far, you have made my day, and I hope you will visit again…often…and bring your friends!

Welcome Mat