This image is doing the rounds of social media at the moment…and it perfectly describes our summer weather today…

Summer Installation Fail

Things are definitely not right…a couple of days ago, we had a 40C+ day around the state…and a hint of maybe a storm…which is way ABOVE average for December!

Yesterday was very sticky and humid, then a dry cool change snuck in…no rain, just a wind change…and by the afternoon it was cold by summer standards!

Then we wake up today to a cool, windy, very cloudy day with rain forecast. Its already pouring down not far from here…

We have just got back from taking the furkids for a walk, and a few people we passed joked about “40C one day, winter the next”, and they are unfortunately right!

So, lets try again Mother Nature……call the IT department, and get it fixed!

Its now holidays, and we want our Summer…. warm days and balmy nights, with the occasional storm…and rain…thrown in for good measure!