Over the weekend, I did something silly…I tried logging into my internet banking and mucked up my password three times.

And that’s where I went wrong…not so much forgetting my password, but stubbornly entering it wrongly three times.

The result…my internet banking was suspended…I needed to pay a bill and transfer some money but I was barred….blocked.


So, I decided to do what the website said, and contact the bank to reset my password…it would be quick and easy they said.

Wrong…in order to confirm that I am who I say I am, I got asked 8 or so questions.

Nothing wrong with that…I appreciate the fact that we can’t be too careful nowadays.

The trouble was after the second one, I had no idea what the answers were, and I didn’t have the info on hand.

And because you need to answer exactly…which I was unable to…I was not only prevented from resetting my password, but I was then locked out of telephone banking as well!

In desperation, I gathered the required info and rang back but it was all too late…the door was bolted.

I was locked out..totally and completely…the only way to get through the security was to present myself and all relevant ID to my nearest branch.

Now this happened on Saturday afternoon and no banks were open on Sunday, so I had to wait till Monday to front up to the bank and plead my case.

I should mention that this suspension from all my banking did not affect using my credit card, or withdrawing money etc…it just meant I couldn’t pay a bill that was due and to transfer some money.

Monday finally came around and I was determined to be prepared…this time, I took everything I could think of, so I wouldn’t be looked at as an impostor…license, passport, bank cards, statement etc.

And after a nervous wait in line, I finally got to admit my stupid mistake and asked to be forgiven and let into my banking again.

The guy just laughed, asked for my license and bank card and a few minutes later, it was done.

I was once again who I said I was, and the online/phone banking door was opened once again.

What a saga!

It is comforting that there are quite a few hoops to jump through if someone got into their head to try and access our details but it sure can be very frustrating when trying to prove your identity via the phone!

But the main thing I learned out of all this is if you have forgotten your password, DON’T enter it wrongly three times in a row.

Learn from my stupidity and walk away…leave it until you remember it again or reset it BEFORE you get locked out!

Have you ever forgotten an important password? What did you have to do to regain entry again?