So here we are…half way through the year, and it is COLD!

The mornings are so dark…as are the evenings…and we experienced our first frost for the season a few days ago…


And I have to apologise as I am a little late with this June edition of Taking Stock…I actually forgot about it!

However,  it’s better late then never, so here goes…

Making: chai…have developed an addiction to T2’s Go Go Goa…especially when made with vanilla soy!

Drinking: the above mentioned chai!

Reading: Women in Clothes by Sheila Heti, Heidi Julavatis etc…this is an enormous book, which will take me forever to read, but I am loving it!

Wanting: a pair of high, brown boots..such a nightmare to find boots that fit wider calves.

Looking: forward to a few days off next week…yay!

Deciding: to update the look of this blog…stay tuned…

Wishing: the weekends were just a little longer.

Enjoying: early nights, warmly tucked up in bed with hubby and the furkids!


Liking: having good central heating on these cold winter days…best invention ever!

Loving: exploring this great city of ours…Melbourne has so many hidden secrets to discover…


Pondering: about working on some collaborations on the blog…open to any suggestions…

Buying: far too much…how much vintage can a girl have?

Watching: the last few episodes of Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries Series 3…going to be so sad when it finishes.

Hoping: my recent blood tests show everything is well in regards to my thyroxine levels…my body is having trouble absorbing the medication.

Marvelling: at what a difference a liver transplant and three years can make…you wouldn’t know what he has been through by looking at him now!


Needing: more jumpers…I keep saying this but I seem to buy everything BUT jumpers…and now I really need them!

Wishing: I could wear earrings again…my ears were pierced years ago, but I haven’t been able to find earrings that don’t cause my ear lobes to swell up and itch.

Considering: exploring clip on earrings…is there still such a thing?

Questioning: why some people always have to be in a hurry…I hope one day they slow down and enjoy the moment, otherwise their whole lives will be one big blur!

Smelling: one of my favourite flowers…Daphne….wish I could bottle this divine perfume.


Wearing: my  1940s David Jones princess coat…I have wanted a coat like this for ages, and it’s like owning a wearable piece of history.


Getting: a little worried that I am going to get stuck for something to blog about…I have posted every day for well over a year now…

Coveting: one of those fancy gas log fires…we used to have one in one of our previous houses and I miss it!

Disliking: cold, wet, windy days…I can however handle the cold, crisp sunny days…

Opening: a parcel from one of my favourite vintage shops…Frocks and Slacks…it’s like Christmas when one of these arrives in my postbox!

Feeling: distracted…I am finding it hard to sit and concentrate on one thing at a time…I am always going off on a tangent.

Snacking: on almonds…organic and pesticide free of course!

 And that is it for June…see you next month for another Taking Stock!