August is coming to a close, and after some freezing weather, which included hail and frost, I am excited to say that Spring is now in the air!

Here is my Taking Stock list for this month….

Taking Stock August 2014

Making : an effort with my outfits, something I have never really done before! I now have a few that I always seem to get compliments for when I wear them…including this one that I just bought from Katies….yes, Katies!

Katies Tunic

Drinking : tea…yep still plenty of tea…found a new tea house in Melbourne…stay tuned!

Reading: the Miss Fisher Murders series…still working my way through each one…thankfully my library has quite a few available for loan!

Wanting: to get back to walking daily, especially now the weather is better!


Looking: at my fab nails…I am still loving the Bio Sculpture, and the ladies are really nice where I is become a bit of a social event!

Deciding: that I have to be more focused when vintage shopping…be realistic…if it really doesn’t fit, it’s probably not a good idea!

Wishing: I could catch up on all my “real” work…I just get near to the top of the list, and another heap of projects land on my desk! Although I do prefer being busy…sort of…

Enjoying: meeting some fabulous people on our travels!

Waiting: for next weekend….we are going to see Queen in concert! Now what will I wear….

Liking: that our partially collapsed back fence is being replaced this week…FINALLY!

Wondering: when all our extra expenses will stop…between my medical bills, and our oldest dog’s vet bills plus a car service….everything always lands at once…

Loving: the weekend we had away in Ballarat….had so much fun! Highlights included this amazing vintage shop…

That Little Vintage Shop
Pondering: why doctors call what they do “practice”…isn’t that a bit of a worry?

Watching: the second series of Miss Fisher Murders..yep, I am a little obsessed…

Hoping: that once I have all my check up tests, I will get the all clear.

Needing: to get out in the sunshine and fresh air!

Smelling: Spring…its coming! I can’t describe it, but all of a sudden you can smell it!

Following: the posts/tweets/instagrams about the forthcoming bloggers conference in the Gold Coast…which sadly I am unable to attend. So I will live vicariously through others!

Noticing: the days are getting lighter earlier, and darker later…very happy about that!

Thinking: that I am really a lucky girl….life is pretty good at the moment…fingers crossed it continues!

Feeling: so proud of my husband…he conducted two primary school choirs at an Eisteddford today…and one came 3rd and one came 4th. It is the first time he has ever conducted a choir in a competition!

Sorting: out ideas for future posts…as I post every day, I really need to get more organised and schedule ahead more!

Buying:  shoes…..seem to be collecting vintage shoes at a great rate…I mean, I couldn’t leave these behind…

Vintage purple shoes

Getting: totally addicted to Instagram…how did that happen?

Bookmarking: shops and places I want to visit…for research of course!

Disliking: people who think they are so much better then everyone else…

Hearing: brass bands perform in Ballarat!

Darebin City Brass - Preston Band

Over to you….do you take stock?