We had an extra feature when we moved into this house over a year ago…a ready to be planted veggie patch!

However, all that time has gone by, and we hadn’t planted anything.

However, it was being used by our youngest furkid as a place to bury her Kongs (dog toy filled with frozen mince meat in case you are wondering!).


She annoys us till we give her one out of the freezer…then she buries it…and then digs it up a few days later…yeah I know….

Anyway, one of the fifteen things I want to do this year is to put the veggie patch into service.

Over Christmas, we ate fresh veggies from my parents wonderful garden…they have three garden beds set up just for veggies.

Everything tastes so much better….so fresh and full of flavour…and part of the fun is being able to go out and pick what you need, when you need it!

So today was the big day…we finally did it!

First we had to remove any weeds…and make sure there were no Kongs buried in the corners…


Then we wired a section off to ensure the little Miss isn’t tempted to do some landscaping…we will eventually fill up the garden bed, but at the moment we just want to do it stages…


We chose purple and round carrots…no ordinary carrots for us…and a selection of lettuces to start the proceedings…


The little Miss wandered over to check out what we were doing in HER garden…cairn terriers always need to know exactly what is happening…


Gave everything a good water…and a good talking to….


And now we wait…and hope that the seedlings don’t get dug up or eaten by the birds, rats, possums…or terriers.

Will keep you updated!

Do you grow your own veggies? What is your favourite?