People are always surprised when we say that we are very lucky…they ask how can we think that with everything we have been though?

But we do…we do have a wonderful life…our imperfect life is perfect for us!

And here are five reasons why…

1. Survivors

We have both faced our own health battles, and got through them…one liver transplant and one case of thryoid cancer between us…oh, and we both have had our gall bladders removed!

I think going through life threatening situations and coming out the other side still alive and well can change you.

You don’t sweat the small stuff anymore, and you appreciate the value of good health and living for the moment.

We now focus on keeping ourselves well through diet, exercise and plenty of sleep.

2. Our Tribe

We have fabulous family and friends who we know we can call on if needed…we have our tribe…our community…

And we have our beloved furkids who mean the world to us!


3. Fun 2015

At the beginning of the year, I posted about what my word for 2015 was, and I selected “fun”.

After everything we have been though, having fun is important…so much serious stuff in our past can become a distant memory as we now can create new, fun moments!

Our chaotic lives often mean we forget how to enjoy ourselves…but remember life is short so grab any opportunity to live…hang out with friends, do something you have never done before, go somewhere you haven’t been before in your own city…have fun!

4. Home

When my husband got very sick, and put on the transplant waiting list, we sold our home, and downsized to a rented small townhouse…the future was very uncertain.

But we now have a lovely house that we can call home…and a bright future!

It is not too big, not too small…it is just right!

And it’s ours!


5. Each Other

This is a very important one….we have each other.

We have seen each other go through some horrible situations…experiences I wouldn’t wish on my worst enemy…but we made it.

I watched as my husband almost died…I had to rush him to hospital more then once when he collapsed due to bad infections.

He then had to watch over me as I received my cancer diagnosis and the uncertain future.

What we have been through could push people apart, but it has only made us stronger.


And that, my dear readers, is why our imperfect life is just perfect!