As I am writing this post, my weather station…a fabulous birthday present from my husband…is telling me it is 38C in the shade, with 17% humidity.

It’s hot…damn hot!

So I guess you could say that Summer has finally arrived to our state…and I love it!

Here are five reasons why…

1. The Weather

I feel better when the weather is warmer…I am not sure why I do, but I do!

It’s like I am a reptile that needs warmth to get going…I have always been like this.

2. Longer Days and Balmy Nights

I love the longer days when it is still light well into the evening.

It makes me feel I can do more rather then just collapsing on the couch…I am more active during Summer…love lots of long walks with the furkids!


Warm nights means BBQ dinners outside, and watching the sun go down….perfect!

3. Holidays

Summer means holidays in my book!

As a kid, we got over six weeks of holidays during Summer, and we spent most of it on the coast.

And now, I also get my main holidays over Christmas as the industry I work in basically shuts down in early December, and doesn’t really get going again until late January.

So we get time off whether we like it or not…however, I like it!

I prefer to have time off during Summer, then during the colder months, as we spend as much time as we can down the coast!


4. Summer Fruits

I love the summer fruits and could quite happily munch all day on raspberries, blackberries, cantelope….


My favourite treat is a banana smoothie with berries…made with almond milk, of course!

5. Summer fashion

I much prefer dressing for warmer weather then cold.

I love summer outfits with lots of colour…you may have noticed this lately on my Instagram feed…


I love not needing to layer, or to remember a jumper….although with Melbourne’s weather, you are likely to need everything from a sunhat to a thermal in one day!

Do you love Summer or prefer the cooler months?