As you know, I have been laid low with a coughing bug that has meant I am stuck at home, feeling miserable.

But I discovered something which has helped to take my mind off feeling sick…a TV series called Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries!

I actually have watched a couple of episodes in the past, but that was before my obsession with all things vintage.

My favourite genre is fictional crime….I love shows such as Lewis, Midsommer Murders and New Tricks….so combine murder with the 1920s in Melbourne, and I am in heaven!

The actress Essie Davis is a total dream as the Honourable Miss Phryne Fisher…a perfect mix of style, confidence and just the right combination of naughtiness and “the devil may care” attitude!

She is everything I would love to be….with a gorgeous wardrobe!

I have now caught up on all the episodes in the first series, which was first shown on the ABC on the 24th February 2012.

So I sent my husband out to get me the complete DVD set of the second series…which first aired on 6th September 2013…so I can continue living vicariously in the 1920s through Miss Fisher….

Miss Fishers DVD

I was surprised to find that the first of the books that the Miss Fisher’s series is based on, was actually written in 1989 by Kerry Greenwood…for some reason, I was under the impression that the books were written much earlier.

Greenwood is a Melbourne author, who according to her bio “is not married, has no children and lives with a registered wizard”!

And she has now written 20 books about Phryne’s adventures, the latest one was released in Oct 2013…..I have grabbed a copy of the first book, interestingly entitled “Cocaine Blues”.

Cocaine Blues

I am loving it, especially as Miss Fisher’s first residence when she arrives in Australia is the Windsor Hotel, where we spent a weekend earlier in the year!

I can just image Miss Fisher walking the corridors of this gorgeous hotel!

Windsor Hotel

However, I will have to ration myself in terms of watching Series 2 as there is no third series….yet!

The good news is I have discovered that writing has commenced on a new series, and filming will start in mid October….with the same cast….YAY!

What I would give to visit that film set, and see how it all comes to life on film…..anyone know anyone……please….

Have you watched the TV series or read any of the books featuring Miss Phryne Fisher?

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