Summer in Australia is an experience…it seems almost nowhere is immune when a heatwave hits!

The last few days have been a reminder of just how hot it can get, even in the southern states….and last night turned out to be the hottest December night on record!!

The only way I can describe it is that it is like being in a furnace, being continually blasted by hot air.

Doing the rounds at the moment are some hilarious lists about some of the signs that say you are definitely in Australia during a long hot summer….here are some of my favourites…

You know it’s hot when hot water comes out of both taps.

You know it’s hot when you develop a fear of metal door handles…or anything metal for that matter.

You know it’s hot when the thought of a blackout is frightening…no power means no aircon or fans…or fridge full of ice cream.

You know it’s hot when the most in demand parking spots are those in the shade, not the closest.

You know it’s hot when shoes become optional extras…except when facing having to cross hot concrete or sand…then they are essential!

You know it’s hot when the sole of your sandals starts to melt….and the roads themselves start to melt…

You know it’s hot when everywhere is deserted, except shopping centres and movie theatres which become hangouts for those without aircon at home…people basically move in for the duration!

You know it’s hot when you need an oven mitt to drive the car…and that the seats almost give you third degree burns.

You know it’s hot when you can strip the bed, wash all the sheets, put them on the line and have them dry and back on the bed within two hours.

And this one is my favourite…

You know it’s hot when you fear that the ceiling fan is spinning so fast that it will fly off and kill you…reassuring to know I am not the only one that has this phobia!



What other signs can you add to list? What is your favourite?