It’s hot…damn hot!

When I start drafting this post, it was 42C outside….in the shade…for those in Fahrenheit, that is 106.7!

I love the heat…I feel better when it’s hot…always have….but with this type of extreme heat, accompanied by strong winds and lightning strikes, a day like today can quickly turn very scary and dangerous.

Our day started at 5.30am, when we got up to walk the furkids and discovered that a sea fog had rolled in.

By the time we got home, had breakfast, and headed back out again an hour or so later, the fog had got even thicker.

It was so eerie as many familiar landmarks had seemingly disappeared into the ether…


And I have to say, the modern foghorn we have here is not a patch on the one we had when we were growing up…this one sounds like it is gargling due to a sore throat!

However, the sun eventually won, and the fog quickly dissipated as the temperature started to climb.


I headed into town for my appointment at Yankee Sweetheart Salon…it went from 29C to 35C!

Thankfully, Lexi has an aircon in her salon, so we were nice and cool while she worked her magic with my out of control hair.

Three or so hours later…which included a singalong to some great songs..I emerged with a new colour and a new hairstyle.

I am now a deep cherry redhead with a long shag hairstyle…and I love it!

Headed back out into the furnace, and nearly got knocked off my feet by the horrible wind…the sort of hot wind that feels like it could strip paint off the walls.

As I drove home, the car said it was 42C outside!!

Travelling during days like this, especially in country areas, requires caution…one spark can cause a bushfire to quickly take hold….blocking roads and causing havoc.

If a fire had started and blocked the main road, I would have no way of getting back home.

I was listening to AM radio, and I hear the crackle of static which means lightning was around….another bad sign.

But all was well, so I was rather glad to get back home to family safe and sound.

Funnily enough, a few minutes after I got inside, it pelted down with rain…and then stopped and the sun came out!

I went out on the decking to take my daily outfit photo, and the wood was so hot from the metal underneath, I could barely stand on it.

But as I am a crazy lady, I got that photo, despite messy hair from the wind…and just about burnt the soles of my feet in the process…mental note, wear shoes next time!


Now as I am writing this, the wind has swung around to the cooler south and it is raining…the weather station is saying that it has dropped to 32C.

I can almost hear the garden sucking in the moisture after all the heat…


And  I have checked the forecast…more heat tomorrow before a cool change….and then it all starts again, complete with a hot Christmas Day

Welcome to summer 2015/2016…it has arrived with a vengeance!

Is it hot where you are? Or are you freezing in the Northern Hemisphere? Which do you prefer…heat or cold?