Last year, we made the move to be two postcodes closer to the city, and I am still amazed at the difference a five minute car trip can make!

This suburb is greener…big established trees with leaves that fall in Autumn, gorgeous old houses with character…although some of those have disappeared and those dreadful big “all look alike” houses are being built.

The gardens are different…well cared for with more roses then native flora…you can smell the beautiful perfume as you walk by…


We are closer to the freeway, to the city, to parks, to the bike track…to shops…there are even lane ways!

Its a different world!

We are lucky to have ended up in a friendly street, and know most of our neighbours…except the ones behind who are ignoring us…if you are reading this, we really need to get that fence done before the whole lot blows over…please…

Nowadays we can go for a walk with our dogs, and end up having a very social time, chatting with our neighbours, and getting all the gossip!


But we have discovered a new kind of person who lives in this “hood”…the ones who view this postcode as not quite good enough for them!

These are the sort of people that even though they might have a beautiful house in a lovely street, view this as only a temporary stop until they can buy into the next suburb over…or the next one….

They aren’t friendly because….well, we just aren’t the right sort of people to know…we aren’t in high powered jobs with good “connections”, drive the latest cars, have kids in the best school…actually we don’t actually have kids at all….we don’t even have “designer” dogs….thank goodness, we love our spunky terriers!

These people totally ignore you as they drive past in their latest 4wds or sports cars as you wait to cross the road…no emotion behind the big dark sunglasses.

And if you ever meet them out walking, don’t bother saying hello!

You basically don’t exist in their world…just passing through remember!

Strangely, we never came across people like this in our previous neighbourhoods….this is the first time we have met the local “we are so much better then you” types!

We have never been postcode orientated. Since I have moved out of home, this is my 4th suburb…my husband’s 8th…we have ended up in each suburb because of various reasons…a good location for what we need, the right house at the right price (to rent or to buy)..maybe even just because we like the “vibe” of the area.

We have never chosen our next location because we want to move “up” in the world!

However, I don’t deny that we have totally landed on our feet this time, with a lovely house in a perfect location…but that was more through a fabulous opportunity…and the stars aligning… not because we really, really had to live in this area….we had been quite happy where we were previously….we just couldn’t find the right place  to buy!

We have no ambition to just pass through this area, we want to stay and get to know it! We want to become part of the residents who have lived happily here for years….

But when I come across those “other” people, it makes me wonder…even if they lived in what they view as the “best” postcode, in the best house, probably behind big fences…would they ever be happy?

Do you have neighbours like this in your “hood”?