I admit, I am not particularly a fan of Halloween. It is a “holiday” that seems to divide us Australians…some love it, others hate it!

Don’t get me wrong, I love things spooky…..what I don’t like is the “trick or treat”. I hate random knocks on the door at the best of times…always seems to happen just as you have settled down on the couch, and the dogs are quiet. So to have an evening of knocks on the door, doorbell ringing, dogs going mad etc is not my idea of a relaxing evening. I know its only one night a year, but our home is our sanctuary..peace and quiet!

We have moved into a new neighbourhood and weren’t sure of the protocol round here. So we put up a sign on the front door which basically wished everyone Happy Halloween, but no treats here..sorry! And it seem to have worked…not one knock!

As I said, I am not against the concept of Halloween…here are some Jack’o’lanterns we had on our mantel piece (bought on sale from Dusk) looked fantastic lit up at night!


So feel free to enjoy trick or treating, but just don’t knock on our door!