I am currently loving the feel of freshly mowed grass! At our last two homes, we never had lawn like this! At our new home, we have no prickles, or as we call them “bindis”…just thick lush grass! Just makes you want to take your shoes off and run round barefoot like a kid!

I am enjoying it while I can…soon it will be summer and the grass will die off in the heat!

One of my favourite sounds of summer is the click, click, click of a large sprinkler watering the lawn and garden…we used to stay at my grandparents house down the coast, and they used to put the sprinkler on at night to water everything after the heat of the day. But its been a long time since I heard that sound due to the drought conditions we have had for years…sprinklers like that are a thing of the past.

Mind you, my hay fever doesn’t like the “freshly mowed” bit much….!