There has been quite a few posts done lately about helpful tips for bloggers…and I am going to unashamedly jump onto the same band wagon!

I am almost up to my one year blogging anniversary, but I still love reading advice from other, far more experienced bloggers.

So here is my own little list of helpful tips that I have picked up along the way…hopefully these might help others who are finding their way into the blogasphere!



1. Your space…your rules!

Unless you are writing on the behalf of someone else, then your blog is your corner of the internet…it belongs to YOU!

Therefore you can write about whatever you like, when you like.

Your blog can be whatever you want it to be….and don’t be surprised if your direction changes over time!

If you choose to be controversial, then as long as you are ready for the reactions, then go for it!

2. Be Yourself!

Don’t get trapped into trying to be someone you are not….it will take too much energy and you will probably end up being a burnt out blogger!

You are your own “brand”, and there is no one else exactly like you…get out there, be bold…be yourself!

Show that you are human…I find my more personal posts tend to get much more views. Someone, somewhere is probably going through the same thing as you, and is looking to find a friendly voice.

A problem shared is a problem halved and all that!

3 Don’t be a square peg!

This follows on from the point above….I have noticed that some bloggers try very hard to fit into a particular niche…don’t do it!

Part of the enjoyment of blogging for me is being able to write about whatever takes my fancy!

I will never be a crafty blogger…I am not creative at all….never be a parenting blogger…no children…I have limited interest in food…major food intolerances…

But I love vintage…I love reading…I love gadgets…I love tea…I have faced and overcome serious illness….I love photography…the list goes on!

If this means Zinc Moon doesn’t fit nicely into a niche, then I am comfortable with that.

4. Be Prepared!

Sadly the world is full of people who love to criticize….I have seen bloggers turn on other bloggers in the blink of an eye.

I have come across people who can crush a friendly online conversation quicker then blowing a candle out….and scarily, they seem to not even know that they do it!

It’s hard not to take bad comments personally, but you know what? Life is way too short to put up with that sort of crap.

Rise above it, and continue on….delete, block, unfollow, whatever you you have to do…because for every nasty troll, there are plenty of lovely, friendly people out there!

5. Reap the Benefits!

Blogging has come with some very unexpected benefits for me!

I have met some amazing, gorgeous people through other blogs…I now have online friends all over the world!

I also am part of a blogging mentor group who are always nearby if I need a helping hand!

Plus, my husband and I have made new friends while out and about doing “research” for Zinc Moon!

In fact, my whole obsession with vintage all started because of some fabulous shop owners…and we love supporting these wonderful local businesses!

Through blogging, we have discovered there is so much to see in this city of ours…and we are loving exploring new areas!

And if I hadn’t had the sudden urge to try my hand at blogging, I would never have discovered how therapeutic writing can be.

I have found it somehow puts things in perspective, which has been a godsend when we have had a few large hurdles to jump!

And one last thing…

I am going to finish off with one last point…which technically makes six things, but hey, it’s my blog!

Don’t be afraid to take that first step into blogging…all bloggers had to start somewhere…some make it, some don’t, but they all had to start.

I started out of curiosity…I didn’t used to take much notice of blogs but as a web designer, I decided to give it a try…and in my usual style, I jumped in with both feet!

I now have almost twelve months under my blogging belt, and I am a crazy woman who posts every day…my secret is simple…I love writing!

I love researching…I love learning…I love discovering new things…and I hope you all enjoy reading about it all!