We had a lovely long weekend…enjoyed getting out and about in this city we live in, even fitted in some vintage retail therapy.

And then yesterday afternoon, I let my guard down…decided to have one of these…


They are protein balls, and really yummy…they were meant to be gluten free and dairy free.

But something in it caused my system to react about 20 minutes after eating it, so somehow there must have been lactose in it.

We were quite a way from home, but were with friends, so went back to their place and I had my ginger tablets and some ginger tea.

That settled my stomach enough to get back home…but I am still not 100% today.

Thankfully, I have the option to work from home so the day isn’t totally wasted, but it so frigging annoying.

And it is times like this I hate my body…not for the way it looks, although I wouldn’t mind being a little taller and have red curly hair…but for how it has decided for whatever reason, that some food is basically poisonous.

Now I should clarify that my food intolerances are not life threatening…I don’t think I would be game to eat out anywhere if they were.

But they do make me very unwell…think gastro…and it always happens when I relax and not be my usual cautious self.

Thankfully this reaction wasn’t as bad as the one I had when I ate at a vegan restaurant…still don’t know what caused that but we think it was coconut cream…there is something in there that I can’t handle, yet I can have coconut milk.

Don’t know exactly what caused this episode…it could be the ball had a powder in it that contained lactose. I have had protein balls elsewhere without a problem so who knows.

I am so jealous of you all who can eat what you like.

Life is so much easier without having to always plan ahead or having to go hungry instead of risking a reaction.

On the upside, at least I can’t eat anything bad, such as sweets, desserts, pizza etc etc…I do miss cheese though…real cheese such as brie…

So instead of going about my usual business for a Tuesday, I am sitting at home, wrapped in a blanket because I always feel so cold after a reaction, and topping up on ginger tablets and tea.

Please remind me never to be impulsive when it comes to food ever again…

Do you suffer from food allergies/intolerances? How do you cope? Share your stories in the comments below…