We humans don’t handle death very well…yet just like birth, it will eventually happen to all of us.

The trouble is many are taken before their time, and that is heartbreaking.

We have lost family, friends and acquaintances…some due to illness, some to tragedy, some because their bodies had worn out…some were ready to go, others fought every step of the way.

Sadly, we have just been to our third funeral in under a year…another one taken far too soon.

There are also faces we once knew in the Liver Transplant Clinic and pre-transplant workshops who are no longer with us…they got too sick and were taken off the list, or they just didn’t get a donor liver in time.

We have had to say goodbye to one of our beloved furkids a few years ago…the hardest thing I have ever done.

I have seen people in death…their bodies left empty like a house whose occupants have moved out.

Yet to be honest, despite all this, death itself doesn’t frighten me…it is just the timing of it….and I can tell you that I certainly don’t want to go anytime soon.


I have my own theory of what happens to us once our lights go out..I am not particularly religious but I do have a crazy imagination!

I think we go to a “flipside” where we are reunited with loved ones who have gone before us, including beloved pets.

In this similar yet very different world, we exist healthy and happy…free of pain and suffering…

Kind of like a parallel universe that is perfect for each of us.

I also think that those who have crossed over can look over their loved ones back in the land of the living…like guardian angels.

I am sure we have a few looking out for my husband and I from up there…we have certainly kept them busy with all our health challenges over the years!

Who knows if I am right or wrong, but this somewhat fanciful theory gives me some comfort when yet another soul leaves us.

Do you have a theory about life after death that gives you comfort at times of grief? Share in the comments below…