Back in the old days, our post box would be filled with Christmas cards…fast forward till now, and we have only received a handful.

I even wrote a post back in 2014 about how receiving Christmas cards were becoming rarer…and it seems nothing has changed.

I should mention that receiving cards still happens…for us, the majority were hand delivered via work and family.

We have a lovely collection on display this year…I especially love the hand made ones…


But our postman definitely was not busy and our mailbox was looking very bare.

Now I fully admit that we only sent out a quarter of what we used to, so it isn’t really a surprise.

But I am still not exactly sure why this shift has happened…maybe it is the convenience of being able to send a heap of Christmas messages via social media.

Maybe it is postage cost which is putting people off….the price has certainly gone up over the years.

Maybe it’s just that people haven’t got the time to sit and carefully hand write cards…and Christmas does seem to come around faster and faster each year.

But it is all kind of sad…yet another Christmas tradition slipping away.

My favourite year was the time I went in a Westie/Cairn Terrier Christmas card exchange…we got beautiful cards from all over the world!

It was time consuming to make up our cards, and then the cost of sending them, but it was so worth it.

I could hardly wait to go to our post box each day to see what had arrived.

Sadly, that particular one wasn’t organised again so I only experienced it once, but I still have all the cards filed away.

Maybe I will be able to find one next year to take part in and make our post box happy again!

Do you still write Christmas cards? Will you continue? And have you received many cards via the post this year?