I love taking part in Secret Santa gift exchanges…it’s not so much about the receiving for me, it’s all about the giving!

I always end up spending far more then the minimum but hey, it’s Christmas!

This year, I have actually taken part in three gift exchanges…all very different!

The first one off the rank was the famous Fat Mum Slim Gift Exchange.

I elected to go in the international group, but ended up being matched with a person in sunny Queensland.

I have to admit it was somewhat challenging sourcing what to send to a total stranger, but that is all part of the fun, and I hope I got it all right.

I won’t share what’s inside the parcel in case they read this…I know they have received it but I don’t want to spoil the surprise!


And my Secret Santa turned out to be from Geelong and I received their present ages ago.

Look how beautifully it is wrapped…I almost don’t want to open it…I am being good though…


The second Secret Santa I went in was at my work…this has been a bit hit and miss over the last few years as my Santas have sadly given me food which I am unable to eat.

However, I still always go in it as I have received some fab gifts in the past, and best of all, I enjoy being part of the fun!

Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to be at the giving out this year as I had an appointment elsewhere so I am hoping my person likes what I chose for them.

And I can report that my Santa got me a lovely present, wrapped up in this cute box….


The third Secret Santa was a last minute decision…I came across the Emulsive gift exchange via Instagram hours before the closing time, and immediately signed up.

I jumped straight in as this is a film photography exchange, so right up my alley so to speak!

There are almost 500 participants in this gift exchange, but I was lucky to be randomly matched with someone I actually knew via social media.

I carefully chose gifts, and quickly posted them off to the USA – fingers crossed the parcel makes it before the 25th…despite sending it with plenty of time, it seems to be lost in a black hole somewhere!

So I will be very relieved when I hopefully receive notification that it has been delivered!

I have heard from my Secret Santa…they are in Canada and I am already totally intrigued about what they have got me.

My first instructions was to go to a local Melbourne address and pick up a package which I have done.

It is all nicely wrapped…and I have absolutely no clue about what is inside…


And there is another parcel coming via mail but won’t be here till after Christmas so the suspense will continue…how fun!

Irregardless of what is inside, I already given this Secret Santa 10 out of 10 for organisation!

But as instructed, I am going to be good and not peak inside until the big day…it’s going to be tough though!

So I hope all my recipients like what I chose for them, and I look forward to seeing what the Santas have chosen for me.

I have already done well so far with the one I have opened!

Will I continue to go into Secret Santa gift exchanges…yep, definitely!

Do you go in Secret Santa’s? What is the best gift you have ever got from an unknown Santa?