Over the years, electronic forms of communication have become more and more the norm…this year, I have really noticed that the good old Christmas card via snail mail is becoming a rare thing.


At work, we usually receive enough cards to cover the wall we display them on…this year, we got one…everyone else sent their Christmas greetings via email.

And I have to say, so did we! It is much easier to do a mass email out to our 3000+ customers, then organising cards to be signed, stamped and mailed.

Personally, we sent out cards, but I will also be wishing everyone Merry Christmas via the various social media platforms.

I also organised to get some Zinc Moon cards made up by a very creative friend, to send to all the lovely people we have met on our blogging travels this year!

When I spoke to my friend who works at Australia Post earlier this month, she said that the sales of Christmas card stamps was definitely less…maybe people were waiting longer to send their cards…maybe it is becoming too expensive…

Mind you, I went to my post office late last week and there were so many people there, I couldn’t even get into the car park!

I had to turn around, find a park in the street and walk back.

Majority of the crowd were lined up to pick up parcels, so there seems to be no lessening of online shopping and/or sending presents via mail!

I like snail mail…I like opening my post box to find mail that is interesting, not just bills and more bills…

But I guess it is much easier to sit down and compose an email to send off to family and friends…handwriting cards can be time consuming, and we seem to have less and less of that commodity now days.

However, I am still going to endeavour to keep Christmas cards alive…it just doesn’t seem like Christmas unless the mantel shelf is covered with Christmas greetings!

What about you? Do you still write Christmas cards or do you now embrace electronic forms instead?