Recently a house that had been owned by our family for almost 30 years was sold. We went to visit it today for the last time and it felt sad that we wouldn’t be back there again….yet it already feels like it belongs in our past.

Houses to me are more then just buildings, they have character..personalities even! I will love or hate a house from the moment I walk through through the door…it’s a feeling that I get. This house always had a welcoming feeling, right from the start

Over the years, we spent many holidays, had Christmas days, New Years Eve celebrations, survived the hottest days and nights, as well as the coldest, saw the best thunderstorms…it was part of our family life for so many years. But it now no longer suited us…it was time to part.

It has been bought by another family…a family who knows the area well, even knows the neighbours! They looked at the house at 12pm and bought it at auction 2 hours later…guess it was meant to be. They are very excited about their purchase and it does make the move easier knowing another family will know enjoy their holidays there.

And we have a stunning new house to start collecting memories and enjoying family times, yet it is still sad to see a chapter close. I don’t like going past houses we used to live in…feels too strange, so farewell “Wildwood” – may your new family love you as much as we did!