On this day, just two years ago, I was in hospital, having my thyroid removed due to cancer.

I remember it well but can’t complain…my surgery went well, I only had one night in hospital and my recovery was smooth.

The worst bit was the sore throat from the breathing tube…I think I consumed my weight in ice those first few days!

Fast forward to today, and I have two specialist appointments for two separate reasons…

The first one is because I have been feeling really unwell the last few weeks…chronic nausea, pain, tired and feeling miserable.

Nausea is something I have lived with for over 6 years…specialists have tried a few things, even removing my gall bladder but it still rears it’s head and knocks me for six.

Thankfully, not long after losing my gall bladder, we worked out that I was severely lactose intolerant and adjusted my diet which has stopped the worst attacks, but lately, the general nausea has returned…with a vengeance.

So today we headed to a clinic to meet with a new gastroenterologist…someone who was recommended to me…to see what they could do.

And I happy to report that she was very helpful and thorough…her view is that I have functional nausea…something which is hard to treat as no one really knows the cause.

However, she has given me some meds to help alleviate the nausea, and recommended that I go back onto a low dose of anti depressants.

This is a treatment that has worked for me before…not because I am depressed, but because it somehow resets the whole hyper sensitive stomach issue.

I know there will be side affects, but I am hoping that this particular medication will be gentle with me!

She has also ordered a thorough blood test and an abdominal x-ray…and another appointment in three weeks to see what the next step is.

The second appointment of the day was back to familiar territory…the hospital where my cancer specialist is based.

Although I have never been admitted to this hospital, we have got to know our way around during my regular visits.


So to celebrate my two year surgery anniversary, I got some excellent news…I have still got the all clear!!

No sign of any cancer cells returning and all my levels are exactly where they should be.

No need to consider any further treatment, except a routine ultra sound just to make extra sure.

I asked if my cancer could reappear, or spread to anywhere else, and he said that my particular type of cancer….Papillary Thyroid Cancer…is well behaved.

Once removed, it can reappear but it’s rare…and it won’t pop up any where else….the more time that passes without issues, the less chance I will have problems.

And if it does re-appear, it can be knocked back into submission quickly.

If I am going to have cancer, I like the sound of a well behaved one!

But tonight I can still say I HAD cancer…I am feeling much more positive…my cancer is remaining in the past, and I have a plan to deal with the current issues.

Bring on the long weekend…and fingers crossed, it’s nausea free because I want to live it up and enjoy being cancer free!


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