A few days ago, I wrote a post about how I have hit a brick wall in terms of my blogging.

I had found that ideas for topics were not flowing as they once were, and as I am a daily blogger, the thought of having nothing to write was somewhat upsetting.

However, many of you came to my aid…giving me the push I needed to at least peak over that metaphorical wall.

So today, I want to say thank you…I appreciated every message and comment.

The good news is I have decided to continue on…although to be honest, I wasn’t wanting to stop as I love blogging and writing.

And if by some chance that it actually happens…that I don’t have anything to write on a particular day…I will just take a deep breath and move on to a new day.


Putting my worries into words has also given me the incentive to get going on my list of things to do and see…and so far, it has worked!

On the weekend, I discovered quite by chance there was a classic car show on…thoroughly enjoyed it as I love classic cars and it was a great opportunity to take photos!

Then we checked out the new tea house in Melbourne…not that ever we need any incentive to drink tea.

I am very lucky that my blog is not stuck in a niche.

I didn’t set out on my blogging journey to go in any particular direction which means it can move and change as time goes on…maybe even do a few u-turns!

For example, my recently revived passion for  film photography is growing as is my vintage camera collection…that will give me some more to write about as I explore the world without megapixels.

So I hope you all continue to enjoy my posts, and that you will stay on board for the ride.

No idea where we are going but I am sure it will never be boring!