I love stationary…can’t help it!  I could spend hours browsing through Officeworks…sad I know…! And don’t mention Typo….

So whenever I am near a store that sells stationary, I just can’t help but have a look around!

On a recent trip into the gorgeous stationary store Kiki K , I discovered the quirky “A Sentence A Day Journal” and immediately loved the concept!

Sentance a Day Journal

I am hopeless at keeping a journal but this one is perfect – all you do is answer a simple prompt each day of the year, for three years! When completed, you have a journal that captures a unique insight into your life, and how things have changed over time! And all so easy to do!

Questions include “What made you smile today?”, “What was unexpected about today” and “What did you eat for breakfast today?”.

A Sentance A Day Journal

Just keep it by your bedside and fill it in each night…simple!

It would make a pretty good Christmas present too, especially for someone who is hard to buy for!

Sentence a Day Journal

But of course I had to bring one home with me, so bring on the 1st of January…just have to remember to put it somewhere so I don’t forget to start it!