I count myself lucky…I spend part of my working week in an office, and part at home. And I know which one I prefer!

When I was younger, I always said I would hate working in an office. I trained as a teacher, but continued on to do more study before going onto full time work. Unfortunately by the time I was finished, I was overqualified and under experienced in my field. So I ended up working in the family business….in an office!

Eventually I drifted into the area of IT including building websites and developing a database for Reps to use via Ipads when on out on the road….got to love technology!


This turned out to be a godsend in terms of a career change, because a few years ago I found myself with a new job….full time carer for my critically ill husband who was waiting for a liver transplant. But I was able to retain some sense of normality by being to do many of my tasks remotely.

It ended up being months before I could even consider having time in the office again. But once my husband had his life saving transplant and was on the road back to recovery, it was my turn to have health issues which ended up with a diagnosis of thyroid cancer, and the removal of my thyroid!

But when I started going back to the office more, I began to get quite stressed. I couldn’t get what I wanted done due to continuous interruptions.

And I discovered something else which took me by surprise…. after being absent for so long, I didn’t fit back into the fibre of the office community. Things had changed…I had changed…life had continued on. As with every community, there are cliques that form and reform…and guess what…I didn’t fit! It was like going to a new school!

Interestingly I found some people didn’t know how to treat me which is strange and I have learned that some people can’t deal with serious illness…..

I began to hate going anywhere near the place…what was once an environment that I was comfortable in now become a nightmare. Before things got too bad, I decided to take control of what was happening and work out a solution.

I re-negotiated my job, and a balance was achieved that suited both myself and the business…relief!

I definitely do not feel isolated at home…it gives me freedom to get my work done.

I am in constant contact via email and phone, I have access to all I need online, and  I have a nice home office setup, with a window that I can open for fresh air! I don’t have to fight traffic to and from work…I can start earlier, I can finish later!

I have sunlight and space! I have our furkids for company….and I have peace and quiet.

And most importantly, I have a job that I love!