We have moved into a neighbourhood where the streets are quite narrow, so you often have to wait to let people through….especially as there are an awful lot of big 4WDs that seem to take up more than their fair share of the road!

What I have noticed that only about half, sometimes less, of the drivers will “wave” a thank you!

This also includes when you let someone into the traffic…it seems only a few nowadays actually “wave” thank you!

My husband knows that this is a pet peeve of mine…I mean, how hard is it to thank someone who is being nice and letting you through, or into the traffic?

Thank You Wave

When I was learning to drive, this was taught as common courtesy. But it seems that this lack of courtesy crosses all generations with young and old just barging through with no acknowledgment at all.

For example, I let 5 cars go through down a narrow street when I went out this morning…only two “said” thank you…the rest just sailed through like I was invisible…maybe its because of the type of car I drive?

This makes me wonder…are these people who just don’t believe in saying thank you as a general rule, or is that they just don’t think being let through deserves a thank you?

Or is it just that are they so caught up in the fact that they have to be at their destination 5 minutes ago, and everything is focused on getting there as quickly as possible?

Its such a simple thing, yet it makes me feel good when someone “says” thank you…and I will always do the same in return.

Try it…let’s bring back the wave!