Today I did something I have not done for ages…I spent the morning on my own in the city.

My husband had a rehearsal so kindly dropped me off at 9am and I had until 12.30pm to do whatever I wanted!

I much prefer having someone with me…especially when vintage shopping as I like having a second opinion…but I decided to get out and about, rather then sitting at home.

First thing I discovered is not much is open at this time on a Saturday, especially the vintage shops that I wanted to visit.

So I walked….and noticed some things I hadn’t seen before…like this street art…


And the garden on top of the Carlton Hotel…

And did you know how spooky the Emporium shopping centre is with all the shops shut…many of the lights are not on, so it’s positively gloomy in many places, especially with no one around!

Felt a little unsafe there so decided to wander back down through the city, and soak up the atmosphere in my favourite laneways.


Finally, the time came when the vintage stores opened…went to Vintage Sole and tried on a heap of outfits….and bought nearly all of them!

I was also amused to see my Zinc Moon business card still sitting on the cash register from our last visit.

Still had plenty of time, so did something I have never done before…I went to the famous Young & Jacksons, and had some tea…yep, I went to a pub and had tea!

It is a very rare occurrence as I am usually too self conscious to sit at a table on my own…but I actually really enjoyed it.

And it was here exactly a year ago that I first met a wonderful lady with whom I had done an online blogging course with, and she invited me into a blogging mentor group which has been a source of great support, friendship and lots of laughs.

Can’t believe its been a year!

The staff were friendly…the sun was streaming in and it was relaxing, just watching the people wander past…I have to say it is a great spot for people watching!


You get the whole strata of society going about their business…homeless people, dressed to the nines people, tourists…there was even a protest march.


Eventually decided I had better move as people were starting to come in for early lunch, and headed round the corner to another favourite vintage haunt, Out of The Closet.

One of the staff recognised me, and said how they loved my outfit photos and thanked me for tagging OTC!

Added another vintage dress and bag to my haul, and climbed back up the stairs into the bustling street…to find it had started to drip with rain.

Strange weather…quite warm but cloudy with big spots of rain!

Wandered up another arcade I hadn’t been through before, and discovered some orange heels…bent the credit card again!

My husband then rang and said he was on his way back to the city, so I headed back down to Federation Square, through the car park, and along the railway line…it was totally deserted down there and I must admit I was a little worried.

He got caught in traffic so I went to find out where the sound of bells was coming from, and discovered these in the distance…will have to go back when I have more time.


There were plenty of people heading the other way…going to the sports mecca that is the MCG for a semi final match…it’s final season!

And as our beloved Cats are out, I am temporally supporting the Western Bulldogs…Go Doggies!


My husband finally made it thought the traffic, and we headed home, happy with my vintage haul and happy with a morning well spent!

Plus my Fitbit tells me I did over 10000 steps and over 7km so all in all, its been an excellent Saturday!

How has your Saturday been? Where do you like to go for a bit of alone time?