The sun is shining and all the beautiful flowers are blooming…spring is here!

I feel like I am awakening from the old and coming alive again…I am very much a warm weather girl.

I have already gone mad with the spring cleaning and washing…nothing is better then fresh sheets dried in the sunshine!

Just look at that glorious blue sky…


And as life rushes past so quickly, for this week’s My Friday Five I have put together a list of things I want to do this spring before the real heat sets in…

Fresh Vegies

I want to get our vegetable garden up and running again.

I know I have said…and written…this far too many times, but I am…it’s going to get done so we have plenty of fresh ingredients for salads etc!

It has all been weeded so is ready to go… just need to get my backside to a nursery and buy some seedlings.

Fresh Air and Sunsets

I want to stop…and breathe…just breathe and enjoy the wonders of a new season starting.

I want to sit in the sun…with a hat and sunscreen…and soak up the warmth.

I want to see as many sunsets as I can…I want to sit at the end of a productive day and watch Mother Nature paint the sky with colour…and photograph it, of course!

Freshen Up My Wardrobe

With the arrival of warmer weather, I need to start sorting out my winter clothes, and moving them into storage.

I then need to get all my spring/summer outfits out and see if they still fit me…I am not looking forward to that.

Anything that didn’t get worn last summer will go out, and anything staying will get aired, ready to wear.

And I want to get some vintage t-shirts…this will be my thing for Summer 2015!

Get Healthy

As I wrote last week, my body is signalling that something isn’t right, so I need to get back into control.

Checkup appointments with my specialists have been made…I am ramping up my walking schedule and using my Fitbit to motivate me.

Live Life

I work full time and blog every day…which realistically doesn’t leave much time for anything else.

But I am taking my own advice, and working on being more organised…planning ahead rather then flying by the seat of my pants.

It has worked so far, but I now want a bit more of a balance.

Don’t get me wrong, I still love blogging, but it’s nice not to have to work all day, then coming home to figure out what I am going to write about for my daily post.

And that doesn’t lead to quality writing either.

So with a little organisation and some forward scheduling, I look forward to some lazy evenings watching that sun go down!

What is on your to-do list for spring…or autumn if you are in the northern climes?