Today is our Bill’s 16th birthday…can’t believe 16 years have flown past so quickly!


He has been with us through all the tough times…and is thankfully still with us now things are going well!

My husband had never heard of a cairn terrier till I bought Bill home…but he was quickly converted, and they have been best mates ever since.

Look how little he was…this was a few days after we got him…


Such a cutie…


One ear went up over time, but one never quite made it…which only adds to his character!

This is one of my favourite photos…Bill with his new little sister…that look says it all…

Bill and Charlotte

Sixteen years on our Bill still loves a walk…


Especially when there are plenty of trees to check out…and every bush…blade of grass…


He is happy to hang out with his younger sister…although he has suddenly decided that he wants to steal her frozen Kongs, after years of not liking them…she is not amused…


He is still showing signs of dementia which means we have to keep a careful eye on him, but he is happy in every other way.

And just because he has some dementia, don’t think he is silly…he still demands his dinner at 3pm…on the dot!

He goes to wait at the door when either of us are due home, and he quite happily puts himself to bed at the same time every night.

I guess you could say he is a man of routine!

His vet said at a recent checkup that his heart is strong and his lungs are clear.

And don’t even think about getting in between him and his food…especially if it is some of Dad’s mince meat stew…this old boy loves his stew!

But try and sneak a pill into it, and he knows straightaway…nothing wrong with his sense of smell or taste.

So happy birthday Bill…we love you so much and hope we have many more years of good health and happiness with you!