There…I have said it…are you surprised?

And it is a reasonably large tattoo, located on my lower back….yep, a tramp stamp…and I have no regrets…none!

Don’t believe me?

You wouldn’t be the only one…many of our friends thought it was just a temporary one, and that it would disappear.

But it is still there…and here’s the photographic evidence…


I have always wanted one, not sure why…probably because no one would expect me to do such a thing!

About 5 years ago, I went through a period of feeling crap, had my gall bladder removed and then lost a heap of weight…which turned out later to be the start of major thyroid problems.

My husband had received news that he would inevitably need a liver transplant…life was looking a little uncertain.

We decided to head up north for a 5 week holiday….and on the last day, I rocked up to the local tattoo parlour and got a tattoo…one that featured a butterfly and tropical flowers.

And yes, it hurt like hell!

In fact, it was the worst pain I have ever experienced…but thankfully didn’t embarrass myself and pass out!

But I don’t regret it for one second.

I had it done on my lower back so it could be easily hidden, and so I don’t have to look at it when my body betrays my age and starts to get old and wrinkly.

Although I don’t mind tattoos on show on other people, I like mine to be somewhat subtle…it’s like my little secret…just a hint can be occasionally seen.

And I love it when people start making comments about tattoos…I love their look of surprise when I say I have one, especially when they have been saying how much they hate them!

I guess I just don’t look like the “type”…whatever that is!

Does having a tattoo make me any less classy? Does it make me any different?

Nope, it’s just something that is part of me now, and has been for years…it is my way of perhaps being a bit more rebellious then people may expect!

And I am not against getting more ink done, but have not felt the inclination as yet…there is no hurry….took me almost 40 years to get my first one!

Are you a tattoo fan? Have you got one? Share in the comments below!