Ok, I am not loving the wet cold Spring weather we are experiencing at the moment, but what I am loving are the rather large puddles which have appeared….particularly along local roads!

I just can’t help it…if I see a puddle, just have to drive through it…unless of course there is some poor person standing nearby…something so childishly satisfying to see a huge wall of spray as you sail through the water.


I went out with camera in hand to find a good puddle, and to see if I can capture someone driving through it..couldn’t find a volunteer unfortunately. Found a good puddle, but the few that went through while I was waiting all decided to go slow…except this car!

Now of course this is fraught with danger, especially when you drive  a “low to the ground” car like I do..all sorts of hidden dangers could be hidden in a large puddle…a pothole for example.

But boy, its fun!