Ok….who has heard of Krimsonberries?

In all my years of loving berries of all kinds, I have never heard or seen these before!


But on a recent visit to the Prahran Market, we found them and promptly bought a punnet to try…and they are seriously delicious!

In fact, they are now my favourites!

A quick bit of research revealed that Krimsonberries are created and grown by Y.V. Fresh, based in the Yarra Valley, Victoria.

These berries combine the sweetness of raspberries with the tartness of mulberries! And they are packed full of antioxidants and nutrients!


Use them instead of raspberries or mulberries, or just eat as they are!

I am not sure when these were first developed, but I will now be keeping an eye out for them during berry season..they are available from November onwards!