I only found out about “The Way We Wear Winter 2014” vintage fair by accident late last week, but thanks to Dames of Distinction, we were able to get a couple of free tickets, so we squeezed some time in over the weekend to check it out!

The fair was held in the lovely old Williamstown Town Hall….

Williamstown Hall

It was a perfect venue for a vintage fair…open with huge windows with lots of light and sunshine…..although it was rather cold inside due to the freezing winter weather, so I was rather glad I had worn an extra layer!!


As I am a total newbie when it comes to these things, I must admit I was a bit overwhelmed by all the racks filled with clothes from every era, plus shoes, bags, hats….

Vintage Dresses

There were a couple of dresses from the late 1800s…how gorgeous are these…look at the detail!

1880 dresses

Look at this fabulous black dress…wish I had a formal occasion to wear it to!

Black dress

Absolutely fell in love with this dress…it is from the 1930s, and just beautiful…I couldn’t get a good photo of it, but took this so I could dream about it…although I am not sure I would have fitted into it anyway…

Formal dress

I met up with the lovely ladies from Dames of Distinction, to thank them for our tickets…will definitely be going to visit them soon for a makeover!

In the meantime, I am now the proud owner of some seamed stockings…I hope I can put them on without putting a hole in them as per my usual way..

Dames of Distinction

I am discovering that some people in the vintage world can be really friendly, while others can be a bit offish and sometimes totally ignore you….as though they can tell that I still have my L plates on and don’t want to waste their time!

As a newbie, any assistance as to what might suit me…and be in my size….is very much appreciated!

Dress Rack

However, after doing a few rounds of the hall, a couple of dresses from Vintage Linens and Collectables by Bruna Capodanno caught my eye…

Vintage Linens

The ladies were very helpful with both sizing and suggestions, and I ended up trying two dresses on…..loved them both, although one will need a little adjustment before I can wear it as it is a little on the small side….the other one was just perfect!

Which reminds me, I really need to find a good dressmaker as I now have a few things that need a little tweaking….any suggestions?

So our trip to Williamstown was definitely worth it, and I left very happy with the new additions to my vintage wardrobe…but there were so many gorgeous things…I am really going to have to start putting myself on a strict budget and keep to my wishlist!


The next Melbourne event for Frock Up Australia is 22nd/23rd November at the Williamstown Town Hall.

Click here for more information!