The day started as usual for us…awake early, breakfast, taking furkids for a walk….just normal things.

We got ready to go out, and just happened to glance at our social media feeds to find a city on the other side of the world was under seige.

We had a long list of things to do, but kept checking our phones to find out the latest updates.

It was surreal being in a Christmas decoration shop…full of shiny, cheerful items…knowing that all definitely wasn’t right with the world.

And although it was all happening so far away, we find ourselves linked close though the wonders of the internet and instant communication.

Seemingly within minutes of this horror even starting…around 9.20pm Paris time….the messages started to appear.

Even as I sit and type this, in the comfort of our veranda in a peaceful suburb, my husband is live streaming news reports on his iPad.

Paris is no stranger to war but now terrorism has taken a whole new level to the meaning of hostilities.

Terrorism knows no boundaries…it is often carefully and precisely planned.

There are no winners…just tragedy…

The city of love has become a city of mourning…a city hurting because of those wanting to force their extreme views on others through death and destruction.

Australia has the advantage of distance when compared to many other countries, but I won’t deny hearing news like this makes me nervous, even a little scared.

It brings home just how vulnerable we are to these extremists, and how so many innocent lives can be lost.

And once again, we all will start looking with suspicion at those around us, especially when in a large crowd or public place.

It brings distrust and wariness into what should be friendly, supportive communities.

This is the world we now live in.

So tonight, our thoughts are with those in Paris…especially those who were caught up in this nightmare.

Peace for Paris…