Since the arrival of the first iPad into our house, the lowly newspaper was quickly tossed aside…replaced by instant news updates from websites and various social media feeds.

But on our recent trip away, the tables have suddenly turned!

Both of us are aware that we spend far too much time staring at a white screen…sometimes seemingly without any particular purpose, or repeatedly refreshing feeds in the hope that something interesting comes up.

And by doing so, we get inundated with flashy advertising…especially on the news sites and Facebook.

It is getting annoying…and with so much bad news…it can become quite overwhelming.

So while on holidays, we starting buying the national paper, The Australian…


It is what’s known as a broadsheet newspaper that is published from Monday through to Saturday, and it has managed to stay in existence since 14th July 1964.

Because it is not city central…like our Melbourne papers, The Age and The Herald Sun…you get to read about whats happening across this vast country of ours, and beyond.

My husband became quite found of his new routine of getting the paper each morning, so much so that he has continued doing it now we are back home.

Which means he is getting a nice little pile of newspaper to read each morning/night.

I have not quite embraced it all yet, as I barely have time to read during the week due to work and blogging, but my husband kindly points out any articles of interest to me as he finds them.

Reading a newspaper rather than a screen takes away the “in your face” feeling…the feeling that there is so much chaos out there.

A newspaper seems to be a much calmer way of absorbing the local, national and world news plus other interesting articles.

And you don’t have to deal with the often beyond belief comments as the trolls and keyboard warriors do their thing.

Reading a newspaper also brings back memories of my parents getting the paper delivered to home each morning and night…and how I used to cut out any articles of interest for later.

Yes, the news part might be somewhat out of date by the time we get to it, but it is all the other info that you can find within the pages that makes it worthwhile…plus it’s a great source for trivial knowledge quizzes!

In fact, we do the Australian quiz each weekday…we are not very good…this is the highest we have got so far…


However, there is no denying that print news media is a dying breed…people need to know what is happening immediately, and there is benefits to that, especially in this crazy world we live in.

Print newspapers can’t compete with that, and as a result, they are slowly fading into history, just like the news that they are reporting about.

But for the time being, the newspaper has been revived in our house, as the iPads are put aside for some good old fashioned reading with lots of paper folding!

Do you still read a newspaper or do you prefer online versions? If you do still read the paper, why do you continue to do so?