As the rain poured down outside yesterday, it was time bring out my new diary for 2014.

The sound of the rain on the roof provided a soothing backtrack as I began to fill in various entries for the weeks ahead…..which is a bit of a contradiction as I love technology, and can’t be separated from my iPhone, iPad and Surface, yet I still prefer putting pen to paper when it comes to planning!

As I opened my diary, the empty pages seemed to hint of hidden opportunities..who knows what lies ahead…tomorrow, next week, next month…

Diary Entry

Unfortunately, the first few entries involve a number of hospital appointments, mainly for me as we find out what needs to be done next in regards to the Thyroid Cancer.

Fingers crossed, those sort of entries will all soon fade into the past, and I can turn the page on the whole thing!

On the good side, there may be some travel on the cards..including a trip overseas if we both get the OK from our doctors!

I hope there is lots of fun and adventure ahead…spontaneous and planned!

I hope we get to spend quality time with family and friends…the year is starting off well with a 60th Birthday party and a wedding in the next few weeks..we are really looking forward to both events!

I wonder where this blog might take me, as I research ideas and topics for future posts.

My Bucket List is slowly coming together, and I hope to be putting some entries in my diary that mean I am crossing items off as the year progresses!

I also have started my A Sentence a Day journal….did you do the same?

But as I sat there gazing at those empty pages, the new year had already begun!

Time to stop wondering, and get moving…there are 365 days to fill!