As I slowly begin to feel better after all the issues caused by having Hashimoto Disease plus Thyroid cancer, and the subsequent removal of my thyroid, I am now finally starting to enjoy a lazy start to the day!

Unfortunately, I have to take my thyroid medication about an hour before breakfast, so I do have to get up early, let the furkids out, feed them, take my meds, and then I can head back to bed!

But the difference is that I can choose to snuggle back in bed, rather then “having” to stay in bed due to feeling unwell…that horrible lethargy that comes from having Hashimotos Disease has lifted.

I used to dread mornings as I just couldn’t get moving, no matter how later, or early, I woke up. And once I did get up, having a shower and getting ready for the day wore me out, and all I wanted to do was crawl back under the doona.

Now I can enjoy the thought that I can spend a little more time in bed…its now a luxury, not a necessity!

The two furkids are loving this too…both join me in bed, and are like two small, furry hot water bottles!

The sound of gentle snoring pinpoints where they are snuggled in!

Snuggled In

And although I am so wanting the warm weather to finally take hold…which it looks like it finally is…grey skies and the sound of rain on the roof has been an added incentive to take some time out!

A nice hot cup of tea, my  iPad, a good book, two warm furkids, and nowhere to be in any particular hurry…love it!

However the bad news is that this laziness will all come to an end come Monday…sadly my Christmas holidays will be over for another year…