Over the past few weeks, there has been heaps in the papers and media streams about a high profile sportsman getting caught out having an affair with his best mate’s (another high profile sportsman) estranged wife.

I am not going to comment any further on that as quite frankly, it’s none of my business, but what did interest me was all the voices who piped up saying that men don’t own women, and she can do what she wishes.

This got me thinking…I am married…have been for almost 14 happy years.

We have faced some dark times due to ill health, but finally we seem to be reaching the other side…stronger and as close as ever.

And the truth is I love the fact that I belong to someone!

I love being part of someone’s life, sharing the highs and lows of their journey.

I love that I have a partner in crime that supports my interests and in anything I do.

Our favourite times are those spent exploring the world we live in…together.


But does that mean he owns me?

In a sense a sense he does….he has my heart and my love.

And I have his…does that mean I own him?

I value his opinion…even though I may not necessary agree with it!

I appreciate his advice…he will tell me straight if an outfit doesn’t fit right, and I have to say he is always right when it comes to that.

If god forbid, we ever broke up, then that “ownership” is broken…for whatever reason…and what was one becomes two again.

Maybe the word “own” is too strong…”belong” is perhaps a better way to describe it.

I am not his slave in any sense of the word…we are both independent, full time working adults…we share housework and other tasks…except cooking…I am useless at cooking!

But I feel I belong to him as he does to me.

Feminists are probably yelling at their screens while reading this…but it’s how it is for me…for us.

Do you feel like you “belong” to someone, or do you have a different view of relationships/marriage?