Once again, the month has flown past and its time for Taking Stock before June arrives.

Although I have to admit I will be glad to see the back of May, as I seem to have spent most of it not feeling well….in fact, feeling down right horrible!

But on a more positive note, some good things did happen…

Taking Stock May 2014

Making : my own Project Life album….or at least I have bought the album and inserts…now just have to get round to printing some photos!

Cooking : apple sauce and raspberry mug muffins…quick and easy and is currently my favourite breakfast meal!

Drinking : green tea.…and water!

Green tea

Reading: just about to start a crime novel I picked up at an op shop for $2.25…bargain!

Wanting: a vintage fairy godmother to take me in hand and guide me in all things vintage!

Looking: for some glass cups and saucers…similar to these…


Playing: Queen songs…got tickets to see them in August…rather excited!!

Deciding: to rearrange the whole house…I need to find the perfect spot for my desk...

Wishing: I could eat what ever I wanted without getting sick…food allergies are such a hassle!

Enjoying: the unseasonably warm Autumn weather…can you believe it…20C and its almost June!

Waiting: for a specialist appointment…neurologist this time…

Liking: losing weight to go back to what I should be….and discovering I can fit back into my old clothes…bonus!!

Wondering: when the cold weather will arrive, or will winter miss us altogether?

Loving: my gorgeous new coat from Faster Pussycat!

Wearing Coat
Pondering: Why do we press harder on a remote-control when we know the battery is dead?

Considering: getting my nails done properly again…just don’t know if I can be bothered with the regular visits to the nail salon for refills…

Watching: the Inspector Gently series on Foxtel….crime plus retro fashion from the 60s…love it!

Hoping: to never have to visit emergency EVER again!

Marveling: at how green our back lawn is again. It totally died during the summer heat, but has all come back, as lush as before!

Needing: to find good health again.

Smelling: lavender and peppermint essential oils to try and sooth the pain…

Wearing: red lipstick…yep, I am now being brave and going with bold colour!

Following: all things retro…I am somewhat obsessed at the moment!

Noticing: how early it is getting dark in the afternoon…and how dark it is in the mornings…

Knowing: that new gadgets are on the way…a new ipad and iphone are on the horizon….one of the perks of working in IT!

Thinking:  that maybe all my health issues are in my head….

Admiring: the gorgeous house we stayed in recently….wished our house looked like that!


Sorting: my eyebrows...done!

Buying: shoes and bag at the Love Vintage Fair!

Getting: an absolutely fabulous makeover thanks to Miss Sammy at Lindy Charm School!


Bookmarking: interesting articles in Renegade Collective magazine!


Disliking: having to go to emergency…very dislike…

Opening: a gorgeous parcel from Shani at Rare Pear Studio

Rear Pear Studio

Giggling: not much giggling happening this month….

Feeling: rather worn out and tired due to constant pain and not feeling well….need to find my mojo again!

Snacking: on cashews!

Coveting: a 50mm lens for my Fuji X-E1

Wishing: there were more hours in a day…for more sleep!

Helping: haven’t been much help to anyone much lately…

Hearing: Currawongs calling in our backyard…we don’t usually hear them here, and they remind me of being in Queensland!

And that’s it for May…roll on June!