I am a little late in taking stock this month because of being so busy…which is a good thing!

As I said last month, time is just flying past!

But just in time….here is my take for April 2014!


Making : A blogging planner…finally! I so need one as posting every day does take some organisation!
Cooking : Nope….but am loving the casseroles my husband is making in our slow cooker…perfect for the cooler Autumn nights!
Drinking : Pu-erh…we did a course recently and am rather addicted now…and the best part is that its good for you!

Pouring tea
Reading: “How to do a Liver Transplant” by Kellee Slater…stay tuned for a review!
Wanting: to stop this constant nausea that I get…I have had enough…body, are you listening??
Looking: at all the photos I took on our trip to Brisbane…my Fuji X100s did a fabulous job…and I didn’t miss not having a zoom!
Playing: brass band music…always happens this time of year due to the Nationals!
Deciding: to stop taking the preventative meds for migraines in the hope that now my thyroid issues are sorted, the constant auras may also be stopped…so good so far although withdrawal was a little yucky….
Wishing: that we could have stayed up north for a bit longer and soaked up some more sunshine!

Enjoying: the long weekends…how long to the next one…
Waiting: for all the leaves to fall off the very big tree in our front yard…this is our first Autumn here and I am worried the house is going to be buried by leaves!
Liking: catching up with friends over the Easter break
Wondering: when our back neighbours will finally allow the fence to be done…its falling over people!!
Loving: spending time with that wonderful husband of mine…we really do have fun together…drinking tea, exploring new places…and shopping! I am a very lucky girl!

Pondering: If you have a bunch of odds and ends and you get rid of all but just one, what do you call it?
Considering: starting a Project Life album…I mentioned this back in February’s Taking Stock…I have moved from “pondering” to “considering”…I really want to start getting some of my photos printed and into albums!
Watching: sport, sport…and did I mention sport…yep, footy is back! Go Cats!
Hoping: I can get on top of these health niggles I have..life is too short to feel sick…
Marvelling: how well my husband is doing post transplant…today he had his regularly three month check up and everything is perfect!
Needing: to have a flu vaccination…almost forgot this year…
Smelling: the damp, smoky smell of Autumn
Wearing: my favourite necklace again…it has taken over six months for me to be able to bear having it round my neck after thyroid surgery.

Following: the adventures of Miss Lily White as she recently competed at Miss Viva Las Vegas…and we actually met her over the weekend…was kind of star struck! I love her style!
Noticing: how the weather is now colder and the days darker…how long till Summer…
Knowing: that if I be brave and go out of my comfort zone, I always seem to have a great time…but that knowledge doesn’t make me any less nervous.
Thinking: how amazing that over 60,000 people braved the cold..including us…and went to the Anzac Dawn Service…and every year, the crowd gets bigger! It is such a moving experience to be standing in the dark, in such a large crowd, yet you could hear a pin drop…

Dawn Service
Admiring: the guys and girls in Preston Band, who did so well at the Nationals….totally won the first day, and came third over all…third out of thirteen A Grade bands! You are looking at some of the best brass band musicians in Australia!

Preston Band
Sorting: my wardrobe…time to get out my winter clothes, and get rid of any summer clothes I never wore this season….got to find room for all the dresses I bought in Brisbane!
Buying: new running shoes…well in my case, more walking then running…
Getting: thinner…amazingly…not sure what the secret has been but probably a combination of thyroid meds, stopping migraine meds, nausea, and generally being more active…nice to be able to fit back into my older clothes again!
Bookmarking: Anything to do with the Tornado season in the USA…tornados are destructive and dangerous, but I still would like to see one…its on my bucket list!
Disliking: the dark mornings and the dark evenings…are you getting the idea I don’t like winter…
Opening: a new bag which I took to Brisbane as a carry on…will do a review as it was perfect for the task!
Giggling: at the cute bulldogs in this video.
Feeling: optimistic…I will get there…wherever “there” is…eventually…..
Snacking: on raw cashews!
Coveting: a new portrait lens for my Fuji X-E1 camera.
Wishing: there were more hours in each day…can never seem to catch up!
Helping: to look after our little niece while in Brisbane…which is a bit of a worry as I have no idea about babies, but I am glad to report we both survived!

Hearing: the Melbourne sports radio station SEN…I think all our radios are stuck on this frequency!

And thats a snapshot of my life, at this moment, for April!