Despite being in air conditioned comfort during the recent heatwave, I am tired….very tired…”I want to go back to bed and sleep for a week” tired…

Not sure if it is just being worn out, or whether my thyroid medication might need a bit of adjusting…

Or it might be because one of our furkids has become obsessed with a possum outside, and wants to go out to harass it…she doesn’t bark, but whines and carries on during the night, keeping us awake…and then sleeps during the day…devil…


Anyway, over on one of the blogs I love reading, Pip from Meet me at Mikes has been “Taking Stock” so I thought I would join in as I love lists…

So here goes…you had better make a cuppa, its a long list….

Making : business cards for the blog…makes it all a little more real!
Cooking : sorry…don’t cook!
Drinking :  lots of beautifully brewed tea, and apple juice with soda water on the hot days!
Reading: “Letters of Note” – Shaun Usher…its fabulous..stay tuned for my review!
Wanting: a total makeover
Looking: at my computer screen…a lot!
Playing: Rediscovering 80’s it!
Deciding: to get organised…try and sort out the chaos in my mind!
Wishing: the weather would sort itself out…would like hot days, but not in the 40Cs!
Enjoying: writing this blog….it is definitely a therapy for me!
Waiting: to find out if I need any more treatment for Thyroid Cancer
Liking: taking photos…actually I love taking photos…lots of them!
Wondering: what it is like to feel perfectly well and not worrying about health issues
Loving: trying new teas….favourite gadget at the moment is our tea maker!

Pondering: why do people totally ignore big signs that say that a local bridge is closed, and drive down to sit there in amazement to find the road blocked…
Considering: buying a tea maker for work…teabags just don’t cut it anymore
Watching: visit stats for the blog…obsessively hoping they will magically rise
Hoping: I don’t have any cancer cells lurking in my body
Marvelling: when I get positive feedback about my little blog!
Needing: confirmation that what I am writing makes sense
Smelling: the beautiful perfume of a plant in a neighbour’s garden…have to find out what it is!
Wearing: my oh so comfortable Camper shoes…bought in the recent sales! Just love the yellow!

Camper ShoesSource

Following: the weather forecast…
Noticing: all the leaves that have fallen to the ground after the heatwave last week…like a weird autumn…
Knowing: everything will pass…eventually…new chapters will begin!
Thinking: about what I can write about on the blog that will be interesting!
Feeling: tired
Admiring: people who have developed something successful from their own idea
Sorting: two boxes that are left from our move…have to get them emptied
Buying: magazines – developed an interest in boutique magazines such as Frankie, Peppermint and Flow
Getting: a little excited about a potential trip later in the year
Bookmarking: any blogs that inspire me
Disliking: the female tennis players in the Australian Open who grunt….drives me insane!!
Opening: a box containing books ordered online…love getting parcels in the mail!
Giggling: at a radio personality…my husband has the radio on at night tuned to a sports radio station (SEN), and there is a guy who is on during the late evening who is hilarious…if I am awake, I will actually laugh out loud at some of the things he says…

So thats my list done for this month…how about you?