We are now well into December, with Christmas less then a week away…which means this is my last Taking Stock for 2014!

I started doing this every month, after taking part in a Blog with Pip course, and it has been a great way to get a snapshot of my world each month.

So buckle in, sit tight…here is my Taking Stock for December…


Making : time to relax…just to sit and savour the moment, rather then doing a hundred things at once.
Drinking : smoothies – my husband is making some wonderful concoctions, all full of goodness!
Reading: “The Life of I” by Anne Manne…all about narcissists…very interesting reading so I will do a review soon.
Wanting: a camera that makes taking outfit shots easier…I have many cameras, but none work with a remote…
Playing: with my new weather station that my gorgeous husband gave me for my birthday…wind gauge now set up and connected, just have to do the rain gauge.

Deciding: to get my skin checked over…something I keep meaning to do, but keep putting it off! Having evaded cancer once, I don’t want to see it’s face ever again.
Wishing: all our family and friends a very Merry Christmas and a happy…and safe…New Year!
Enjoying: the beginning of the holidays!
Waiting: for some nice sunny beach weather…please!
Liking: the new laserlite on our verandah…nice and clean with 70% UV protection…perfect for sitting outside on warm days.

Loving: the thought that I have almost three weeks of holidays ahead to enjoy!
Pondering: a redesign of our garden…need some colour…too much green…
Considering: buying a wetsuit as I am such a wimp when it comes to swimming in cold water…even when it is a hot day, the water is never warm enough for me!
Watching: True Detective…loving it!
Hoping: that all the violence and tragedy in this world would just stop…stop now…
Marvelling: at how many times a Word Swag image I did on Instagram to show support for #Illridewithyou after the Sydney Siege was reposted…sadly without acknowledgement, but I am happy people liked the lyrics from a song which I still think should be our Australian anthem!

Needing: fresh salt air and sunshine…bring it on!
Smelling: the pine Christmas trees…now I wish we had a live one this year…I had forgotten how much I love the scent.
Wearing: my gorgeous bracelet made by Anya from Clear Design Studio…it sparkles beautifully in the sun!

Feeling: glad that we have made it through the year without any major health issues…hope it continues!
Admiring: the Christmas lights around our area…I  really wish I could decorate our house…maybe one day…
Sorting: all the books I have stored up…going to have to find new homes for some of them as I am running out of room in the bookcase for them all!
Buying: presents…finally finished with a few days to spare!
Getting: excited…Christmas is almost here…my favourite time of year!
Bookmarking: some wonderful Instagram accounts…totally addicted.
Disliking: the hate in our community…it is not welcome….ever.
Opening: Christmas cards and lovely surprises in the mail!
Giggling:at our youngest furkid trying to keep order in our backyard…we have some crazy birds round here at the moment and they get quite aggressive when she is just wandering around, minding her own business! Might have to get her a crash helmet…

And it’s a wrap…that is me, right now…over and out!