Finally, the holidays are here in our house!

I love the start of a long break…the anticipation and the knowledge of the days ahead to enjoy and savour!

Fingers crossed Summer finally kicks in though….

So whats on my list for these Christmas holidays…

1. Spend time with my husband and furkids, just enjoying being together…plus catching up with friends and family!

2. Relax…something which I do have a bit of trouble getting the hang of…and may be catching up on some sleep…hoping to get a few more zzzzzz if the family will let me!

3. Read – both my husband and I have collected a pile of books each to while away a few hours! My favourite books are usually fictional crime, but I have selected some novels that have won numerous awards and had good reviews, including these two….will let you know what I think of them!

4.  Tea – continue on our learning journey about Tea and using our wonderful Tea Maker! Will look forward to visiting some different tea suppliers, and trying new teas!

5. Beach – I want to actually sit on the beach, enjoy the sunshine and maybe even have a swim or I have bathers!

6. Walking and getting out and about, enjoying my slowly returning energy….plus get the bike out for a ride or two!

7. Continue discovering the hidden treasures of the city we live in, including those listed the book we bought, “Melbourne Precincts“!

8. Which may lead to a bit of retail therapy…well a girl’s got to visit the sales at least once…!

9. Keep working on one of my passions…photography! Fingers crossed I will finally be able to get that elusive lightning shot!

10. Two big events to go to…a 60th and a wedding…looking forward to both!

Bring it on!