I am a Fuji fanatic…currently I own 5 Fuji cameras, and one member of the “family” is the Instax Mini 90!


I actually bought this camera much earlier in the year, but have never really got round to using it, let alone write a review.

But at the wedding we went to recently, there was a booth set up for photographs….and an Instax camera.

And the guests were loving it!

Even in this modern age, there is still something magical about watching a photo develop before your eyes!

So this week, I decided to dig my Fuji Instax Mini 90 out and have a closer look….and put it through it’s paces!

What attracted me initially to this camera is the retro look….love it! It just makes everything cooler when using this camera!


And this model does much more then it’s cheaper brothers….it gives you more control over the images and allows you to be more creative.

For example, it has six shooting modes…kids mode (for fast moving action shots), macro mode (close up shots), landscape mode, double exposure mode, bulb mode (for long exposures) and party mode.

There is also a good flash which helps to optimise exposure….perfect for parties!


And there is more….it has a self timer…perfect for group shots….can be mounted on a tripod and has TWO shutter release buttons, so you can take the image either portrait or landscape.

The Fuji Instax Mini 90 runs on a rechargeable battery….and is quite light and compact compared to the cheaper Instax camera.

The instant film is the same as what is used in the other Instax Minis so it is readily available in stores or online.


And that’s my major issue with this camera…the film is quite pricey, especially when you are used to taking hundreds of photos on a digital camera for free and only choosing the best ones to print!

But I have been buying up on film whenever there is a sale on, so I have a bit of a stockpile now….but I am still over cautious when taking images…I keep thinking of the cost and what happens if the image doesn’t work…and I have thrown quite a few away when I first started using the camera.

And the photos are small…credit card size…


Realistically, there will be some throwaway shots until the camera’s quirks become familiar to me…I have had a little trouble getting used to the viewfinder….so I am just going to get out and start shooting to see what I can capture!

Is it worth buying…well, for me it is as I am a Fuji fan who is a sucker for the retro look, and as a photographer,  I like having more control over the images.

But if you are not wanting all the bells and whistles the Instax Mini 90 has, then save your money by buying one of the cheaper models as it will do you just fine!

Either way, an instax camera would make an ideal Christmas present!

The Fuji Instax Mini 90 can be found at various retailers (such as Myer and JB Hifi) and online – shop around for the best price as I have noticed many have this camera on sale at the moment!

I bought mine from Film Never Die earlier in the year!

Please note: this is not a sponsored post! My opinions are, as always, totally my own!