I have used social media for years…first it was Facebook, then I moved onto my current obsession of Instagram.

But as I have been getting more into my photography…both film and digital…I was wanting something that was less commercial…less in your face…less sneakily snoopy.

And I have found it!

Say hello to Ello…

Ello Logo Large


Ello first came on the scene back in March 2014…created by Paul Budnitz and Todd Berger, it was created as an ad free alternative to the usual platforms.

It actually started as a private social network consisting of seven artists and programmers, but as others started to want in, and Ello was developed further for the public.

It became known as the anti Facebook…that it would take the mega social giant on, without displaying ads or tracking its users around the Web.

Originally, you could only get in by invite only…I actually signed up a while ago, but then never really explored it.

But on impulse, I logged in again, and I am loving it.

Ello is more about inspiration and creativity, than catching up with long lost school friends and annoying memes.

It has a simple, clean layout…which is actually rather similar to what Instagram has recently upgraded to…perhaps they have also been keeping an eye on this newcomer.

However, unlike Instagram, there is no restriction on the shape of images…and will remain chronological and ad free…forever.

No boosted posts…no weird and wonderful algorithm guessing your every move.

You can see how many times your post has been viewed, plus you can comment and/or like posts.

The developers want to keep Ello small, yet sustainable….and it is actually still evolving with many more features in the pipeline.

Within Ello, you will find photographers, artists, illustrators, crafters, writers…creators from all walks of life across the world.

I love how Ello fits perfectly for my sharing my photography portfolio, and hanging in communities of like minded people.

It’s social media without the somewhat creepy undertones of “big brother is watching”…with no alternative motive except to inspire and share.

Come on over and check it out…you can find me under @zincmoon.

To find out more about Ello, click here to visit their website.

You can also download an Ello app from the IOS App store.

Please note: this is not a sponsored post! My opinions are, as always, totally my own!