My lovely followers over on Instagram will have read that I had a slightly unsettling experience a few days ago.

Someone reacted with surprise at my newly coloured copper hair, and commented that what I was wearing clashed!

I will emphasize that I am 100% sure that  the comments were not made with malice…it was just their honest reaction and opinion.

But after receiving so many compliments about my vibrant hair colour change, it took me aback a bit.

So much so, that I changed what I was wearing and began to wonder if copper hair wasn’t for me.

I have also been more subdued in my outfits as I was beginning to doubt my colour sense…had I gone too far and crossed over some invisible line?

But after thinking about it all…and getting some very supportive messages via social media…I realised that if I was happy with how I look then who cares!

And my very supportive husband loves it too…he is my adviser when it comes to things like this, as he will tell me if something doesn’t look good.

I value his opinion…not just because he is my husband, but because he is usually right!

To be honest, I don’t want to be one of the crowd..I don’t want to blend in and conform with what the fashion gods say is right.

I walk past the on trend shops and shudder at all the black and beige…it’s like bold colour has become a big no-no.

In so saying, I am not against wearing neutrals…I am still a sucker for a little black dress.

And I do follow trends as shown in my new Tuesday Trends series…but I add my own Zinc twist to them.

I love nothing better then finding a gorgeous vintage dress, or an unusual pair of shoes in an op shop…and putting them all together!

When I choose my outfit for the day, I can choose any look I like…classic, vintage, fun, serious…

And I absolutely love it when people say that they love my style…because this is me.

This is who I am…copper hair and all!


Do you have a certain style? Do you embrace standing out in the crowd?

Tell me your style story in the comments below as I would love to know!