Its finally happened to me…after years of owning various phone, smart phones, laptops and ipads, today I finally did it….I dropped my beloved iphone on our concrete driveway and smashed it!

Broken Iphone

Now my pride and joy has a shattered screen, and is not working quite as it should…might take more than a screen replacement to fix it unfortunately….

Broken Iphone

Funny thing is it only fell from about 50 cm above the ground…I forgot it was on my lap when I got out of my car….and it landed flat on its back.!  I am guessing that the fact that my poor iphone has survived previous misadventures made this the last straw!

And to make it worse, technically it is not my phone…it is a work phone and now I am the one who has to admit that I have smashed my phone…that is going to be embarrassing.  I am an IT manager, and its usually me dealing with our reps who have damaged or lost thier phones…and there has been some good stories over the years!

But now I am somewhat out of sorts…you see I can’t be without my phone…I mean really can’t be without it!

I knows its all psychological, but I get very nervous if I don’t have a means of contacting help if I need it, particularly if I am out and about on my own. If I leave without it, I will make the trip back to get it. If I realise too late that I don’t have it, I feel strangely its tempting something bad to happen.

Yet the paradox in all this is I actually hate using the phone!

I don’t know why…maybe its from the time I did some work in a call centre, dealing with customer inquires and orders…the sound of phones ringing is a nightmare for me!

I sometimes will do anything not have to make a phone call, particularly if I know its going to be a difficult one.

If its family or friends, then no problems!

As a result of this rather weird phobia, I much prefer communicating via SMS, MMS, email or social media such as Facebook..

My phone bills never go over the limit…I would be lucky to use half of the credit allowance, and thats on a busy month!

But my iphone is my connection to the world…it has become so much more than just a phone…I think Samsung use the term “life companion” for their phones/tablets, and thats exactly what my iphone is…sorry Samsung….

I use it to capture moments when I don’t have any of my digital cameras with me, I use it to get the latest goss from Facebook, I use it to check the weather radar, I use it for finding directions to a new locations…..the list goes on and on…

So I am currently off the air….sort of….thank goodness I have an ipad to get me through!